What Is Likeable Hub?

At Likeable Local, we're thrilled to have recently launched our new & improved product, Likeable Hub. We're so excited that we've been telling the world about it in social posts, emails, videos... you name it! But, it's hard to explain in just 140 characters our goals in building Likeable Hub, all its awesome features, and most of all, which level of Likeable Hub will be perfect for your business. That's what this post is for! 

Read on to take an in-depth look at Likeable Hub and what it can do for you! 

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A Day In The Life Of A Pro Account Strategist

This blog post was contributed by one of our Pro Account Strategists here at Likeable Local. Thanks again for the contribution, Paul!

As a Likeable Local Pro Account Strategist, I help small business owners market themselves through social media. 

Family dentist. Social network founder. Freelance writer. Meditation tools creator. Wedding photographer. Quilter. These are just some of my clients.

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The ROI of WOM: Fusing Connections with Strategy

One of our dedicated Customer Success Managers, Stefanie Peterson, attended #SocialMediaWeek here in New York. There, she attended several seminars focused on maximizing a businesses return on investment through word of mouth marketing on social media. Her full featured post can be found here on socialmediaweek.org and provides meaningful insight on how businesses can monitor their ROI through word of mouth (WOM) on social. Here is her take on how it affects you, the small business owner.

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40 Marketing Articles You Don't Want to Miss This Month

As a small business owner, we know you are busy. So we thought, why don't we compile our favorite marketing, technology, and social media articles from February for you to view all in one place? Take a look at what you might have missed so far this month.

1. 3 Easy Ways To Weed Out Stress At Your Office
2. An Executive Order For Your Business Twitter Account
3. 3 Social Media Habits To Give Up For Lent
4. The Top 6 Tech Skills You Need in 2015
5. The Small-Business Owner's Guide To Opening A Second Location
6. 8 Best Industries For Starting A Business Right Now
7. How to Get The Most Out Of Pinterest's Guided Search
8. Microsoft Is The New Google, Google Is The Old Microsoft
9. The Internet of Things and the Future of Social Commerce
10. Secret Media Makes Ad Blockers Useless To Display Video Ads
11. The Newest Trend in Digital Advertising
12. Stop Worrying About Everyone Stealing Your Idea
13. 5 Social Media Hacks to Boost Your Brand Starting Now
14. 6 Things They Don’t Tell You When You Leave the Big Corporate World
15. Hyperloop Is Real: Meet The Startup Selling It
16. 4 Important Considerations For Your Social Impact Business
17. Facebook's New Immortality Policy
18. Confessions Of A Social Media Addict
19. A Recap On Trends Last Week
20. 5 Cities Poised To Be The next Silicon Valley Tech Hub
21. Why Knowing the ROI of Your Social Media Campaigns is Important
22. Why Bill Murray Is Like Twitter?
23. The Reasons Why Twitter Will Soon Be More Valuable to Your Business
24. 10 Social Media Resolutions For 2015
25. Short Attention Spans Mean Success for Snapchat

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Why Bill Murray Is Like Twitter

Remember the movie, Groundhog Day? Bill Murray stars as Harold Ramis, a self-obsorbed, narcisistic Meteorologist, Phil Connors, from Pittsburg. Phil must travel to Punxsutawney, PA against his will for the annual Groundhog Day festivities.

We can only speculate what the lovely Phil Connor's Twitter feed would have looked like on this most eventful day. Here are some sample tweets of what we could expect from WPBH's finest.

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