The Best Small Business Marketing Campaigns of the Year

Thank you so much to everyone who entered our competition! We received so many fantastic entries and enjoyed reading every single one of them, so it was hard to pick the winners. Now, the moment you've all been waiting for: Our Best Small Business Marketing Campaign of the Year (and awesome runners up)! 

1) Teenager Entrepreneur

Congrats to brothers Michael and Marc Guberti! We were totally blown away by these grand prize winners for their creative and multi-faceted campaigns. They run teen business entrepreneurship camps, and their goal was to sell them out. To start, it's no surprise that both brothers have massive followings on social media because they constantly release their own innovative content, and who doesn't love a teenage entrepreneur! In addition to their digital presence, they personally visited local schools to reach out to and excite students to sign up for their camp. To top it all off, Teenager Entrepreneur sponsored interested underprivileged students from New York schools to attend! This connection between digital marketing, in-person networking, and philanthropy was a recipe for success, making Teenager Entrepreneur our winner. This would be impressive for anyone, but at the ages of 18 (Michael) and 16 (Marc) their savviness to connect online mediums with offline supplements was wise beyond their years and something we can all draw inspiration from! 

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Why You Can't Ignore Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest In 2015

I’m sure by now you realize the importance of social media. After all, 72% of all internet users are now actively pinning, tweeting, and sharing away. But what does that mean for your overall marketing approach?

Every business can benefit from a proactive online presence. The trouble is learning how to use these tools to benefit your overall social media strategy. Here are some tips on how to leverage sales from some of your old favorites and up-and-comers to the biggest online conversation. 

Instagram: The Rising Star

Instagram is more than just a fancy filter on your #selfie… for the most part. Now, Instagram is a wonderful place to display all of your current products or to showcase the culture of your company. Now with the updated video function, you can share your personalized content in an endless amount of ways. A picture is worth a thousand words, so show your followers what a day in the life is like at your business.

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3 Reasons to Perfect Your Mobile Site

There's no denying it. Mobile has changed the terrain of online behavior more than anything else in the past 10 years. With the meteoric rise of smartphones and tablets, mobile is growing into an important aspect of marketing. If you aren't utilizing it, you're cutting out a HUGE chunk of possible traffic. Every year millions of Americans invest in smartphones and tablets, leading to the discovery that time spent on mobile in the US exceeds time spent on PCs. 

1. Increases Sales and Customers
Simply by updating your site on mobile, you've automatically found a way to reach out to the 1.75 BILLION people estimated to have a cell phone in 2014. 76% of people prefer the sites they visit to be mobile and 67% will be more likely to become a customer if the site operates smoothly. Sending out emails also is affected by mobile. 66% of individuals open emails on their smartphone. Imagine sending out an email with an amazing offer, only to find that no one can see it.

2. The Amount of Mobile Users are Growing
Mobile users are quickly surpassing those tied to a desktop computer, as tablets and smartphones rise in popularity.  It is estimated that by 2016, 112.5 million adults in the US will own a tablet. About 1 out of 5 Facebook users only use the social media site on their mobile device. It's very likely your company is running ads for these individuals, but they are unable to access your site because they are on their mobile device.

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Healthy Peer Pressure: Using Social Media To Drive Referrals

Smart businesses keep their customers happy, but the smartest businesses leverage their existing happy customers to acquire new ones. The most effective way to accomplish this is through word of mouth, which has been shown to be one of the most powerful tools for influencing consumer purchase decisions. Enter social media.

Social media networks have become massive amplifiers for word of mouth, which is great news for businesses that provide opportunities for their customers to speak highly of them. Whether it’s an engaging Facebook post, a well-timed tweet, or a request for a LinkedIn recommendation or introduction, businesses large and small can leverage social media to drive revenue.

Let’s start with Facebook, the world’s largest social network. Facebook offers companies the opportunity to develop their presence using business pages, on which content (copy and images) can be customized to reflect the elements that make each business unique and likeable. Businesses can then invite their customers, friends, and prospects to “like” their pages, effectively creating an army of fans who have “vouched” for the brand.

Once a business has established its audience on Facebook, it should post authentic, engaging content to prompt genuine conversations with its fans. Taking this engagement a step further, business owners and marketing managers should feel empowered to invite their fans to refer their friends via prompts on their brand’s Facebook page. If a brand is likeable, why wouldn’t its fans want to spread the word?

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The First Step Toward Social Media Success


At the end of the day, we all want to be successful at the things we invest in for our business. Whether it’s training a new hire, hosting an event, using a new software, or improving your social media presence, there is always an end goal. When embarking on social media marketing, most businesses make the mistake of obsessing TOO MUCH over the end goal of getting the cash register to ring or those new clients in the door, but skip these two important steps that are imperative in reaching that goal:

  1.      Defining what you are actually trying to solve with social media
  2.      Establishing what success looks like

Today, we'll talk about #1! 

Defining the Objective

Well isn’t this simple? Don’t most businesses want to see more growth? Well, yes -- But let’s get more specific. Here are some questions to ask yourself to help narrow your focus:

Am I struggling with customer loyalty and/or losing customers to competitors?

Do I have enough brand awareness that can lead to word-of-mouth?

Am I having trouble breaking into a new demographic or pushing a new product/service?

Do I have enough data on my business to really know how to ultimately drive business growth?

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