One of our core values here at Likeable is to always be improving. We take our core values very seriously and we hear all of our customers when they give us feedback on our product. Your feedback is priceless! It helps us determine what's currently working, what's not, and how we can better plan for the future. With your help, we were able to implement some very exciting updates to the Likeable Hub platform this quarter. The features are aimed at making the new and improved Likeable Hub the go-to social media solution for all small businesses! 

Posting to Instagram

One of the most readily apparent changes to the Hub is that you will now see Instagram support on Expert, Pro, and Concierge accounts. We are very excited be to be able to support our customers' efforts on the 'Gram, as it is one of the fastest growing social networks. Instagram is great for businesses of all sizes who have visually appealing products and it's also a useful platform to show off your company culture. 






To start using Instagram through the Hub, go to your settings and hit connect new Instagram account. We've also included a new IG content tag, so you'll have some posts ready to go as soon as your account is connected. Due to Instagram's API, it's not actually possible to post directly to the platform, but we have included a work-around that we feel is currently the best on the market. Learn more about how Instagram posting works with this quick how-to video.






New Content Categories





One of the Hub features that we work hardest to optimize is the content included in the idea library. We know that small business owners are busy, so we aim to make the content curation/creation process as simple as possible. To this end, we are consistently updating our content library with trending topics to make sure you always have relevant posts. This video outlines some of the additions and improvements we've made to our content this quarter. 







iOS Sharing

This is a great feature for anyone using our free iOS app. This update makes sharing images from your photoroll much more intuitive. All you have to do click the three dots under the photo and make sure Likeable Hub is switched on. You will then be able to add that photo directly to a post and modify the post accordingly. Check out this quick tutorial for a visual explanation. 


Customizing the Same Post Across Networks

We all know that each social network has its nuances. There are different stylistic guidelines across platforms and not abiding by the general rules of each can kind of make you look like, well, a rookie. And that's not what we want! This exciting update allows to customize one post across different social networks, instead of having to create a separate post for each one. Talk about a time saver. 

This video shows you how to add hashtags for Twitter/IG, remove them for other platforms, and customize the copy for different audiences you might have across different networks.



We saved the most exciting update for last, our newest level of Likeable: Concierge! What does Concierge include? You'll be getting a dedicated community manager that'll be checking in on all the communities you've got (or are about to get) on social media. That means anytime you get a Facebook comment, we're there to respond. Did somebody tweet at you? We'll be there! We'll also be all over your LinkedIn, Google+, Yelp, and more. Basically, everything it takes to maintain a vibrant and engaged presence on social media, we're all over it.

With Likeable Hub Concierge, you'll also get up to 12 pieces of social media content that is specific to your business and brand per month! Not only that, each one of those posts will be boosted with our TurboPostâ„¢ technology, to ensure that even more of your audience sees these amazing posts you're putting out.
Now are you interested in finding out more? We've got people ready to answer any question you have about Concierge, Likeable Hub, or social media in general. Just schedule a time to speak with us by clicking below:

Are you currently using LIkeable Hub and want to give us some feedback? Please do! We'd love to hear what features you like/love/hate and what you want to see in the future. Drop us a comment below or tweet us @LikeableLocal. 

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