Yes, social media makes it easier for businesses to engage customers, build communities, and drive sales. Yes, social media is an invaluable tool for learning about consumers’ wants and needs, as well as competitors’ marketing strategies. Yes, social media is swiftly becoming the primary mode of communication amongst younger generations. Still, you, as a new business owner, shouldn’t focus on social media.


Here’s why.


You Already Have So Much to Learn


Do you know how to write a comprehensive business plan? Do you know how to fund your growth? Do you even know who your target market is? New entrepreneurs know next to nothing about how to run a business; even if you have spent your life working in the industry of your budding venture, you will find that entrepreneurship requires an entirely new set of skills and knowledge. That’s why so many entrepreneurs spend some time acquiring the best MBA online before starting out. You need to know how to balance your cash flow, how to hire the right employees, and how to attract investors — so figuring out how to post properly on social media should be the last thing on your mind.


You might be able to convince yourself that you can manage your business social media accounts because you use Facebook, Twitter, and others as a private individual. However, using the sites as an individual is not even close to social media for business. Individuals use social media sporadically, typically posting personal links, pictures, or messages whenever they feel like it. Businesses must be more dependable; they must have a determined social media brand and adhere to an effective schedule. There are dozens of other rules for using social media to achieve business goals — but right now, you don’t have the time to learn them.


Your Responsibilities Are Endless


Especially during a business’s beginnings, an entrepreneur is an idea-generator, a product designer, a budget-balancer, a customer service provider, a sales-pitcher, an HR rep, and at least 50 other titles that are vital to success. Your days are filled to bursting with tasks and duties; from sunrise to sundown — as well as a few hours on either side — you are busy working toward your business’s goals. No matter how ambitious you are, you should not set aside a more important business responsibility to pursue social media. If you do, you might cultivate an impressive social following, only to see your business crash and burn for want of care.


There Are Social Media Professionals


You have not devoted your life to learning the ins and outs of social media sites — but others have. You can hire someone else to manage your social accounts at a relatively low cost. Then, you can devote your time to the pressing issues that make or break a business.

Managers, gurus, techs, and a variety of other experienced social media professionals are on job boards across the web. If you have the budget and space, you can hire an in-house social media team to focus on your brand’s social media strategies 24/7. However, for less expense, you can contract a freelance social media manager. Freelancers tend to juggle multiple clients, but if your business is new, its activity on social media might not warrant full-time care. Plus, you might initially opt for a contract social media professional because…


Social Media Can Be Automated


Fortunately, there are hundreds of online tools to help businesses manage social media. Certain software programs will automate posts to ensure they go live at optimal times. Some programs facilitate strategy analysis, so managers can pivot faster for better results. While other tools are invaluable for finding audiences, improving content, boosting engagement, and more.


These tools take time and effort to learn, just like social media tactics. Therefore, you won’t benefit much by utilizing them yourself. However, you can continue to focus on your entrepreneurial work and develop your social media presence by working alongside an experienced social media manager who is familiar with such automation software. Your business can have all the benefits of social media — but not if you try to do it alone.


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