Before I start, the answer is "Yes" do think it's ironic that the people this article is written for will probably never reach them because they aren't using social media. However if by some chance that a friend, colleague, spouse or maybe even child (congrats by the way) has managed to get this in front of you by means of e-mail, stop. I'm only  going to take a minute so hear me out, it might pay off.
Three is a common number on this blog, but I only need one reason to why you need to be using social media or in this instance Facebook, is the "Like" button. The reason why this big beautiful thumb is so powerful is because when you "Like" something, be it a car company, clothing brand or even small business, you have just endorsed that brand to your entire network of friends.
Here is some quick math on Facebook: The Average Small business has 100 likes on Facebook. The average Facebook user has 150 friends. 100 X 150= 15,000 potential new "Likes" and costumers.
The small power of Digital Word of Mouth.
By Likeable Local's own Ricky Ryan 

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