Wearables are where it's at. While they have been a slowly growing trend for the past few months, Apple's recent update on their new watch line has set the world on fire! Many are heralding it as the pinnacle of creativity, technology, and luxury and we AGREE. Forget the Walkman, because we have a new favorite piece of wearable tech.

There are many reasons why we can't wait to get our hands on this new gadget, but the main theme of all of them is improvement. The Apple Watch is scientifically designed to make your life like the following pop culture icons.**

Wonder Woman

Want the body of an Amazonian warrior? The fitness tracking in the Apple Watch is absolutely unparalleled. The success of the FitBit have inspired the makers of Apple to incorporate this life improvement software into their products. Apple's awesome new API is dubbed the HealthKit and directly syncs with their new Health App. Watch out, they promise to "measure all the ways you move" so get all your napping, Netflix binging, and general lounging out of the way now. 

It's been noted that with the looming release date of The Watch the End All Watches (patent pending) competing fitness trackers have all but disappeared from shelves. The FitBit is no longer carried in Apple Stores and Nike has shifted it's focus from their FuelBand to developing software that could be synced with the Apple Watch. 

James Bond 

Have you ever seen those spy movies where our hero suavely whispers into his wrist a top secret/game changing imperative? That can be you! That's right, the Apple Watch will become the world's own personal Q with Siri taking over the role of M. Move over TAG Heuer, Apple's in town.

From stocks, to team goals, to automatic status updates, the Apple Watch becomes your own personal assistant for crafting a roaming digital experience. Need directions while on a high speed car chase? It's there. Need to go skiing to catch a Transylvanian terrorist? You're covered. Heck, need an egg timer to track the countdown of an undefusable bomb? Done. The total list of over 50 apps spefically designed for the Apple watch can be found here through WatchAware.

Captain Kirk 

Simply put, you're going to be at the forefront of technology. Just like the good Cap, you'll both have an answer for whatever tricky situation life puts you in AND be at the tip top of tech. On top of all that, while you're solving intergalactic strife, you'll look gosh darn good while doing it. While the pricetag is a bit hefty (between $349 and $17,000 [WOAH]), you could essentially get your own Millenium Falcon...for your WRIST. So cool, right?

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