I spent Memorial Day weekend with my family, capped by the local Memorial Day Parade and my new son's first service in gratitude of fallen soldiers.  

For many, Memorial Day marks the start of summer. Summer is a great time to spend with family, to take vacations, and to plan for the future. For many small business owners, though, summer also represents a slow down in business. Perhaps you're on vacation, or your staff is, or your customers are, or your prospects are, or perhaps all of the above. With all this vacation, things are bound to slow down, right? 
As in many things, your success depends in great part on your attitude. If you are committed to your business slowing down, well then, it will. 
In fact, the biggest mistake I see small business owners make when things start to slow down for summer (or anytime) is cutting their marketing and advertising. 
I get it - you have fewer customers through the door, which means you have less revenue to invest in marketing. So you slow down marketing spend. It makes sense. 
But of course, what does that lead to? Less marketing leads to even fewer new customers! 
It's a vicious cycle, that sadly I've seen over and over again. Heck, I've even made the mistake of slowing down our own marketing when things slow down for our businesses. 
Never again! In fact, when things slow down for my businesses now, during summer or anytime, that's the exact time we find a rainy day fund and ramp up our marketing and advertising efforts! 
The beauty is, in this day and age of social media, we can reach our prospects anytime and anywhere. Even on a beach somewhere, the sad truth is that most of our prospects (and yours!) are logging into Facebook from their mobile phones. 
The biggest mistake you can make when things slow down for summer is to slow down your marketing and advertising. The best time to start new marketing campaigns is when things are slowing down.
So what are you waiting for? Grab a few bucks from that rainy day fund now and invest in your business's future. 
See you on social media! Even if I am LinkingIn with you from a beach with a margarita in my hand! 
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