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Posted by Dave Kerpen

A happy customer tells 3 people. An unhappy customer tells 3,000.
But now, in the era of social media and mobile phones, with one review on Facebook, for instance, a customer tells 300 people (on average) what they think of your business.
Online reviews will make or break your business. Are you happy with your reviews?
So how do you get good reviews and deal with the bad ones?
First, let's talk about dealing with the bad ones. We're all afraid of bad reviews. I know I am. But it's essential to respond to the bad reviews, not just for the upset customer, but for the rest of the world that may stumble upon the review from now until eternity. So I recommend you reply to all negative reviews publicly, saying "I'm sorry" and offering to try to fix the concerns privately. This way, you tell the world that's watching that you care, but avoid a back and forth public debate. I offer everyone who leaves a 1 star review on Amazon to pay them $50 for their time and suffering. People have left comments on Amazon saying they bought my book just because of my response to negative reviews! So deal with those inevitable negative reviews, quickly and proactively.
Then, it's on to generating positive reviews.
If you want something, ask for it!
Ask for a review at the end of a phone call with a happy customer. Or via email. Or viasocial media. You'll be surprised by how many customers are willing to leave you a review, if you just ask, and make it easy for them!
Remember every positive review you get from a customer will make that negative review matter less.
When people find your business, do you want them to find 1 or 2 negative reviews that went unanswered, or dozens of positive reviews, and a few negative ones that were replied to?
Want to work on generating more positive reviews for your business but don't have the time? Check out our reviews on Facebook and then schedule a demo of Likeable Local today - it could be perfect for you!

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