Facebook Features Update: Live Video and Branded Content

It may seem nearly impossible at times with how fast social media moves, but it is our job as (good!) marketers to stay ahead of the trends. One day Facebook tells you one thing, the next day Instagram tells you something else, and what the $#%$ do you even do with Snapchat?! Take a step back...Breathe. We are here to help! For the purposes of this update though, we'll focus solely on the recent changes to the Facebook platform and their implications, including:

  • The rollout of Facebook live video for all users
  • The easing of the branded content guidelines
  • And how the 20% rule for ads is changing
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3 Questions to Ask Yourself When You're Looking to Relocate Your Business

Originally published in Inc. 

Relocation isn't something businesses do regularly, so owners understandably weigh options carefully before making a decision. Whether it is a move across town or to a new city entirely, there are many important factors to consider when selecting the next home for your business.

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The 8 Best Social Media Tools For Small Businesses

By now, we all know social media as an industry has staying power. But with all of the social networks, new features, and possibilities with social media marketing today, successfully managing it as a business can be time consuming and challenging. So, it's no surprise that many businesses are looking to social tools to help them access their success like never before. In fact, 62% of businesses currently choose to outsource their content marketing. But, it's not just content that tools help with. Today's social media tools can assist and automate everything from content, to advertising, to lead generation, to listening, to analytics, and more. 

Because social tools can do so much and come in so many different shapes and sizes, it's hard to choose the right one for your business. To help, we've summarized the 8 best social media tools for small businesses broken down by features, pricing, and more. At the end, you'll even find a comparative feature matrix. 

We know, we're a little biased since our tool, Likeable Hub, is in the mix, but truthfully our goal here is to help you as a business owner cut through the clutter and land on the perfect social tool to maximize your success. We're confident you'll find a winner among this list! 

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Kick It Into High Gear in 4 Ways

Wow! We don't know about you, but our December has flown by! The hustle and bustle of the holiday season is definitely felt in our office. We hope that you are handling the stress well, but there are still customers to be served and money to be made, so let's kick it into overdrive! Stumped on what to do next? Try some of these fantastic last minute marketing ideas to finish your 2014 strong!

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Facebook Reachageddon Is Coming: 3 Solutions for Your Business.

Facebook Reachageddon, or the end of organic reach on Facebook, is looming, and soon.Facebook recently announced that January marks the end of organic reach for businesses. This means that any small business owner looking to reach those who 'liked' their page must pay for Facebook ads. "Organic reach" of content from brands and small businesses will fall to less than 1 percent of all fans.

Though trends have been pointing this way for the past few years, the news doesn't hurt any less.The Wall Street Journal, recently reported that these new changes "will sting entrepreneurs."

On the one hand, businesses have never before had a free media channel through which to advertise, so this was bound to happen. But on the other hand, although big businesses may be able to swallow the new pay-to-play rules, it's challenging for small businesses that don't think they can afford to advertise. So now that Facebook Reachageddon is just a few weeks away, what can small businesses do?

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