How to “Get” Anyone (Even If You Don’t Like Him)

Excerpted with permission from Chapter 2 of:

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15 Inspiring Quotes on Passion (Get Back to What You Love)

Sometimes you just need a bit of inspiration to get your day going.

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You (And Your Customers) Aren’t Special Snowflakes

It’s time for some tough love. As the newly minted Director of Marketing & Partnerships (March 21st was Day 1!) at Likeable Local, my job is to look after–well–a whole lot of things, actually. One of the many includes getting a handle on segmenting our database and learning who, exactly, make up our customers and prospects. In a recent breakdown of inbound leads, we’re finding that we have everything from jewelers, dentists, accountants, real estate brokers, marketing/consulting folks, interior designers, gym owners, photographers, travel agencies, and the list goes on. Neat, right?

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10 Reasons You Should Be On Snapchat

A few months ago I wrote The Untapped Potential of Snapchat, a short piece outlining why I thought the platform was important and a few potential ways that businesses could use it. Fast-forward one quarter and Snapchat has been heralded as "The next big thing," "the future of social," and plenty of other annoying cliches. 

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Facebook Features Update: Live Video and Branded Content

It may seem nearly impossible at times with how fast social media moves, but it is our job as (good!) marketers to stay ahead of the trends. One day Facebook tells you one thing, the next day Instagram tells you something else, and what the $#%$ do you even do with Snapchat?! Take a step back...Breathe. We are here to help! For the purposes of this update though, we'll focus solely on the recent changes to the Facebook platform and their implications, including:

  • The rollout of Facebook live video for all users
  • The easing of the branded content guidelines
  • And how the 20% rule for ads is changing
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