Although the holidays can get a bad reputation for being one of the most stressful times of the year, they are also the single-handed most giving-focused time as well. This week, we have the privilege of celebrating the holiday that is literally dedicated to giving thanks. So, how can you take advantage of these 24 hours we call #GivingTuesday and the Holiday Season's giving frenzy? 

One the first keys to success is understanding why #GivingTuesday has grown into what it is. Why do today’s social media savvy givers like to support online, and what are some of the perks for them?

 Bottom line, social users love to share publically about doing good for the world. It feels great to publically share about a cause you support, your appreciation for a person or organization, or bring awareness to a cause and get great social feedback about your contribution, too!

A quick Twitter search of tweets in the last 30 minutes with #GivingTuesday warranted about 150+ tweets. That’s people and organizations tweeting 5+ times per minute! Additionally, thousands of people a day post socially using #grateful or #PayItForward. Play into this sharing trend and use it to help your organization! 

Here are 3 tips for making #GivingTueday and the rest of the Holiday Season a smash success this year:

  1. Pick your influential advocates
  • There are bound to be supporters of your cause with influence or celebrity status. Anyone who truly believes in what you are doing and has been personally touched by your organization should be more than happy to help promote you on #GivingTuesday. Coordinate a series of social posts for them with clear calls of action for others to join. Their network may just be the gift that keeps on giving.
  1. Make Recruiting Friends Incentivized and Fun
  • Do your supporters feel empowered to recruit others on #GivingTuesday? Create a fun leaderboard, contest or small giveaway for the supporter or team member that drives the most social awareness on #GivingTuesday. People generally respond really well to friendly and fun competitions!
  1. Respond To & Praise Participants
  • When people are posting about your cause, make sure you respond, favorite, like and comment back! This is imperative to show how much you appreciate his or her support, and helps each and every person become a more loyal supporter. Dedicate one person from your organization to monitor Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and any other social channels you are using and make sure each mention of your nonprofit becomes a 2-way conversation!

What are does your organization have planned for #GivingTuesday and the Holiday Season in general? We’d love to hear. Comment below!

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