There's no denying it. Mobile has changed the terrain of online behavior more than anything else in the past 10 years. With the meteoric rise of smartphones and tablets, mobile is growing into an important aspect of marketing. If you aren't utilizing it, you're cutting out a HUGE chunk of possible traffic. Every year millions of Americans invest in smartphones and tablets, leading to the discovery that time spent on mobile in the US exceeds time spent on PCs. 

1. Increases Sales and Customers
Simply by updating your site on mobile, you've automatically found a way to reach out to the 1.75 BILLION people estimated to have a cell phone in 2014. 76% of people prefer the sites they visit to be mobile and 67% will be more likely to become a customer if the site operates smoothly. Sending out emails also is affected by mobile. 66% of individuals open emails on their smartphone. Imagine sending out an email with an amazing offer, only to find that no one can see it.

2. The Amount of Mobile Users are Growing
Mobile users are quickly surpassing those tied to a desktop computer, as tablets and smartphones rise in popularity.  It is estimated that by 2016, 112.5 million adults in the US will own a tablet. About 1 out of 5 Facebook users only use the social media site on their mobile device. It's very likely your company is running ads for these individuals, but they are unable to access your site because they are on their mobile device.

3. Enhances Customer Experience
The smoother the transition between desktop and mobile platforms, the more satisfied customers will be. If your site does not open correctly on mobile devices, the less likely they will to invest time on the site. The vast majority of customers are now 'multi-screening,' or viewing your site on multiple platforms. In order to maintain a consistent public presence, ensure that your mobile site has the appearance and ease of your main site. Any differences would confuse the face of your company. Additionally, a poor mobile site will harm your company's image, with 50% of customers stating they will not visit a site again if it does not work properly. Mobile allows for certain features that better fit the needs of your customers They provide small, necessary tools that enhances the experience of using your site. And really, isn't that what it's all about?

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