The best way to grow your customer base is to be social with consumers. They need to know about updates from your businesses like promotions and new products or services. By sending it directly to their hands via Facebook or Twitter on their phones, tablets and computers, they can get information faster than ever before.

Small businesses can benefit a lot from personally reaching out to their loyal customers. By posting everyday or every couple of days, it keeps followers thinking about that company and reminds them why they are interested in it! Small gestures like wishing everyone a happy holiday can go a long way.

Some businesses might be hesitant to dive into social media since it is such a new tool; there are hardly any classes to take on it, few industry reports published on the topic and it's still a growing medium. Every couple of months a new platform comes out and it can be hard to keep up!

But never fear--Here are 3 ways to find out what platforms are best for you and your company: 

  1. Use it: Just like any other thing that you do, you will become more comfortable and knowledgeable about the social media landscape with practice. Play around with different outlets, check out competitors’ pages and look at other companies that you have a personal interest in. By actually diving into it, you can figure out how to use each platform, which platforms are relevant to you and your business, and what to avoid for your strategy.


  1. Read about it: There are many outlets on the Internet and at bookstores that discuss social media. Three of my favorites include this blog, Likeable Social Media, and @LikeableLocal(but I’m biased). Blogs are helpful resources especially when they emphasize certain new features of Twitter or recent privacy changes on Facebook.


  1. Ask younger people: We complain about how younger kids are always on their phones and computers, but maybe we can use this to our advantage. They know more about social media than you do, so you can ask your family friends, nieces, sons, etc. to help you get started if you have no idea where to begin.


Once you start feeling more comfortable using social media, you can start reaching out to both new and existing customers. By marketing this way you can expand your business across all sorts of demographics and locations.

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