Whether your small business is cramming for this year’s Black Friday or already thinking about 2015, these 3 lessons we can learn from big businesses can make all of the difference.

Set a Game Plan

No, not a plan that you come up with at the Thanksgiving dinner table, but a 360-degree package that encompasses your social media, overall marketing, and in store logistics. First, in terms of your social, you should have specific posts scheduled for the days before, during, and after (ex. “Store opens at 6:00 AM tomorrow, can’t wait to see you there!”). Second, your marketing should be seamless with plans to connect your offline audience and your online presence. Lastly, your store is a battlefront; so prep your troops for the influx in customers (Best Buy runs a “dress rehearsal” to prepare their employees).

Amp it Up, Count it Down

There is so much hype that is built up leading to Black Friday by bigger brands. They make it seem like it will be the greatest day of their customers’ lives. You can see this energy in these customers as they wait outside. So don’t sell your Black Friday short! Build up that exact same energy for your own customers. Put a countdown clock on your Facebook and website that counts down the days to the exact moment your store will open this Friday. This will constantly remind your customers of what is to come, and build up some amazing excitement! 

Make an Event Out of it

As a small business you have a major advantage over your bigger competitors, and that advantage is your personal connection. In the sea of “50% off this and BOGO that,” just adding a discount is not enough to make a lasting impression. So, make an event out of Black Friday! That includes personalized hashtags, fun picture taking opportunities, in store giveaways, free hot chocolate, the works. You know your customers better than anyone, so use that to your advantage!

What’s your Black Friday game plan? Looking for some help on the social media front? We’re always here for you! Learn more at likeabledemo.com or call 212-359-4347 


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