Due to the wide array of features and constant evolution of the social media landscape, small businesses commonly find social media to be vast and overwhelming. However, if you listen well, provide transparency and adapt accordingly, you will start up your businesses' social media presence on the right foot. These three core values will strengthen your businesses' approach to social media:

1. Listening

As your Facebook page starts to get "likes" and your Twitter account gains followers, the most important thing to remember is to listen. Listening to your clients and customers is the most effective thing you can do on social media. Take into account your customers' suggestions and thank them for it publicly. Small businesses live and die by their customers so it’s only fitting that you take some of their suggestions and thank them all for it.


2. Transparency

Being completely open with your clients or customers is no easy task. However, transparency is a trait that I believe the most successful businesses possess. If you receive a negative comment from a client or customer, acknowledge them publicly and apologize. Do not make the mistake of deleting a post that a customer wrote on your Facebook page or ignoring a customer's tweet. This is one of the deadliest mistakes that any small business can do mainly because it is the equivalent of hanging up on a customer in front of a large audience. If you are open and honest with your followers, they will have much more respect for your business and its owners.


3. Adaptability 

The social media world is a fast paced and ever-changing environment. In every business, no matter the industry, you must always adapt. The same concept applies to social media. You must take the time to read and experiment with the changes that come from social media networks and features. From trying out new types of Facebook ads to promoting your businesses' tweets using relevant hashtags, take a chance to see how these tools and advancements can help you gain more followers and potentially more revenue. By learning the foundations and keeping up with the advancements, your business will adapt and ultimately grow from it. 

By: Eufemio Infante

Topics: social media

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