We asked our friends over at Yashi how they celebrate individuals to enhance their personality and culture. Special thanks to Jenna Gaudio and her team for putting this content together!

Businesses are innately mundane. When you break it down, companies are a series of processes put in place to facilitate the transfer of goods and services. Pretty boring, huh?

It doesn’t have to be. Even the most intricate of industries can benefit from launching a full-throttle personality campaign and getting their brand out there. But first, what’s in a brand?

Your company’s identity is more than just the fruits of your labor - it’s the personality that your team conveys. “Brand identity” is a bit of corporate jargon that all boils down to one thing: emotion. What do people feel when they think about your company?

It can be hard to figure out. Tech, by default, is complicated. It’s hard to make phrases like “software as a service,” “cloud-based integration,” and “data appending” sound exciting to the general public, but it’s a challenge that many startup marketers face head-on.

Below are some helpful tips that you can follow if you’re looking to bring a pop of personality to your company’s brand identity!

1. Highlight Your Co-Workers

You’ve got to be a special kind of person to work at a startup. Between the long hours, constant push for innovation, and insane amounts of caffeine, you’re sure to have quite a few quirky personalities among your ranks. Take advantage of this! Bring levity to your company’s brand by leveraging your employees’ personal brands.

The best way to do this is through visual tools. Social platforms like Instagram allow you to give the public a behind-the-scenes look into your company culture. It’s momentary peek behind the curtain, and it’s also a highly underrated recruiting tool.

(Editor's Note: At Likeable Local, we give a glimpse into a day in the life.)

You can also push out photos of company events on Facebook and Twitter to engage with your audience on a personal level. Aside from your scheduled status updates, blog posts, and curated content, it’s great to spice up your followers’ news feeds with photos and videos of your team in action. Posting employee spotlight vlogs or blogs is also a great way to highlight your team and make every department outward-facing.

Beyond social media, a great way to show your employees’ personalities is through the team page on your website. Whether it’s a culture video, self-written bios, or photobooth-style pictures, this is prime opportunity to showcase who you’ve got leading your team to success.

On Yashi's team page, you can hover over employee head shots to reveal different poses and get a sense of the energetic vibe that fuels our office. It’s a great little Easter Egg that injects a little more life into our video-filled website.


2. Decide Who You Want To Be and Stick To It

It can be hard to funnel so many individual personalities into one cohesive brand identity. The key is to pick an overarching company persona and stick to it.

Would you rather be serious or silly? Quippy or down to business? Minimalist or busy? Pick a palette of signifiers, and institutionalize them in everything that you do. Don’t forget that your employees are your brand ambassadors - you have to ensure that they’re fluent in your company’s language before they go out and take on the world.

Once you’ve established your company’s personality, think of different ways to project that in your content marketing. A great way to assert your identity is through video. There are so many stylistic choices that go into production, and every element of a video is an active choice to put your company in the right light. A few months back, Yashi entered a promo contest for a lead generation tool called The List. It was a perfect opportunity to showcase our sarcastic sense of humor and highlight some of our most personable salespeople.

3. Be Helpful

If you want to be successful in content marketing, your brand identity absolutely must include one quality: helpfulness. You need to position your company as one that adds value; one that people turn to and count on when they’re in need of information.

A great way to do this is through blogging. If you create written content that can serve as a useful resource for others, people are more likely to trust you off the bat and keep coming back for more. Whether it’s industry research, a competitive analysis, or a how-to guide, people are always looking to be in the know.

If you can consistently provide them with actionable knowledge, they’ll consider you a trusted resource. If you do this correctly, when that person is in the market for the products or services your company provides, you will be top of mind.

Inviting employees from all departments to contribute to your company blog creates an opportunity for your team to showcase their industry knowledge. Not only does this give the public a better idea of who they’re working with, but it gives your employees a vehicle for self-expression and a chance to be heard.

On top of that, a good blog requires research, which keeps your entire team in tune with the industry and on the top of their game. Of course, you can’t count on people to actively seek you out. You need to promote your material.

Social media is great for expanding your reach through digital endorsements (shares and likes), as well as asserting your company’s personality. It’s also a great way to give a shout out to your partner companies. Most importantly, it’s a direct way to engage with and respond to clients.

You can also be helpful by sending out a weekly newsletter. By highlighting your week’s best blog posts, press mentions, and updates in one well-designed email blast, you’re offering a perfectly packaged hub of company content that aims to assist. It’s also a great way to A/B test your material and see what people are responding to.

If you’re lucky enough to work alongside a great team of people, your company already bleeds personality. It’s up to you to harness that energy and let the public get a glimpse of it. The above tips are a good starter’s guide, but there are always outside-the-box ways you can inject your brand identity into your content marketing. Start brainstorming and get to work!

Lauren Masterson is an avid writer and video producer whose passion lies in storytelling. She loves the way that video can engage an audience in a way that words alone cannot, and she reaches her personal nirvana when good writing elevates a video to a whole new level. As a Marketing Associate at Yashi, she is thrilled to immerse herself in an array of projects that perfectly unite her passions with her skills. In my spare time, she enjoys piña coladas, getting caught in the rain, and optimizing content marketing campaigns to best reach an ideal audience.

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