4 Hacks for Holiday Sales

Posted by Nicole Kroese


For folks working in SMBs, the holidays are not only the busiest time of the year for your social calendar, but also for your business. And, if you’re a business owner, you’re probably wearing multiple hats, so something’s gotta give. Tempted to put  your social media marketing efforts on the back burner? Think again.

In this all-important time for your business keeping up, even amping up, your efforts on networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram CAN and WILL increase your holiday sales. Even better, you can do it without spending countless hours or breaking the bank. Here are 4 easy and effective ways to use social to increase your sales this season.

  1. Show Personality AND Product.

Have you ever met someone that constantly talked and bragged about himself? Wasn’t it annoying? Don’t let your business be that person on social media. Businesses who only share about their products, sales, awards, or promotions will start not only annoying fans, but also suffer diminishing returns with their content. What should you post instead? Content that entertains, educates, and delights your audience! This content should show the personality of your business, too! Are you fun-loving or silly? Do you have awesome staff or customers? Incorporate this personality of your business into your social media content and you’ll see that it resonates better with your audience and ultimately better impacts your bottom line. Plus, it’ll differentiate you from your competitors who might not be establishing such great rapport with their customers and prospects. For more content tips, download this free eBook on social content creation.

2. Ask for Engagement To Capitalize on Social Word-Of-Mouth 

Most business owners will say that word-of-mouth has been the best source of business growth for them. But, it’s hard to scale. Well guess what, social media is the new word of mouth, and it’s much more scaleable! By increasing engagement on your social media posts, you’ll be able to reach the friends for your fans and beyond. So how do you increase engagement? One great way is to simply ASK for it. Use phrases like “like if you agree,” “tag a friend who would love this,” or “comment below with your favorite ___.” By simply asking readers to do what you want, you’ll see a great spike in engagement! Additionally, try asking for referrals. A referral is truly the best give a customer can give to you! Make it easy for them to tell a friend by setting up a simple landing page or form, and maybe even incentivize with a prize. At Likeable Local we run a really effective referral program automatically for our customers through our too, Likeable Hub (learn more about our tool HERE).

3. Advertise on Social

Have you noticed that your posts, especially on Facebook, are not getting as much reach? Welcome to the era of social pay-to-play. We call this phenomenon “Reachageddon,” or the end of organic reach on social networks like Facebook. What this means for you is that you need to boost your posts on Facebook, and increasingly, start to advertise on networks like Instagram and Twitter, too. Social ads, fortunately, are extremely cost effective! For as little at $5 on a post, you can massively increase your reach! Plus, you can target exactly the people who matter most to your business with the incredible options for targeting, including things like custom audience, lookalike audience, and more. So, as you’re looking to boost sales and ROI from social, make sure you are investing, even if minimally, in social advertising! (P.S.: Likeable Hub has built in Facebook Ads! Learn more here.)

4. Make Tools & Automation Your Best Friend

As a busy business owner or professional, you know time is always of the essence. There are some amazing social tools out there that use smart automation that can save your countless hours on processes that use to be done manually. For example, Likeable Hub automates everything from the time intensive processes of content creation, to Facebook advertising, to landing page building and lead generation. Other tools we love include Hootsuite, Buffer, Post Planner, and Social Quant. Start using them this season to keep your social thriving while minimizing the hours you have to spend doing it. It’s a win-win!

By implementing these 4 strategies you’ll be on your way to successfully increasing your sales from social media. Have a question or idea on this post? Don’t hesitate to reach out to Likeable Local or tweet  me @NicoleKroese.

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*Originally published through the Event Planners Association.

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