paper-magazine-logoHave you heard the internet is broken? I know, it surprised me too. If you didn't know, Kim Kardashian and Paper Magazine launched a viral hashtag campaign entitled #BreakTheInternet this week. If you haven't seen the NSFW pics that the magazine published, let's just say they're an eyeful and leave it at that. 
Thankfully the internet is still here, but that hasn't stopped the campaign from overwhelming our social media with the public's praise or vitriol. Everyone from The Metropolitan Museum of Art to Chelsea Handler have posted pics spoofing the now famous campaign. It's reverberated through pop culture in the past few days and although those results are highly irregular, there's a lot we can learn from #BreakTheInternet for our own use in hashtag campaigns.

Here are 5 lessons we can learn from #BreakTheInternet: 

1. Know Who You Are and Who Your Audience Is

This is key. If any other magazine or celebrity tried to #BreakTheInternet, their efforts would have crashed and burned. Kim Kardashian and Paper Magazine knew their statuses as trendy pop culture empires that dabble in scandal. To truly succeed you must work in what you believe to be your strongest suite. Play to your strengths with campaigns highlighting your clout and achievements. Work on what you're known for to build up your audience and admirers in those fields. 

2. Be Accessible

Any successful campaign has to be on a platform your consumers frequent. The audience for #BreakTheInternet is pop culture aficionados so Paper sought them out on Twitter and Instagram, platforms that attract cultural trend makers. This is NOT something you would post on LinkedIn (duh). These platforms allowed for quipy copy that inspired dialog between Paper, Kim, and the millions of people listening in. 

If your hashtag campaign is more oriented towards career-driven individuals, go with something like LinkedIn. However, if you want to capitalize upon images, pop culture, or direct dialog explore Twitter and Instagram. Be there to respond to your followers once they bite. After the initial shock of the images, Kim posted another even MORE shocking image to Twitter. If you're there to create a dialog, your followers will appreciate just how accessible you make yourself. Don't just launch a hashtag campaign, cultivate and help it grow. 

3. Have a Spokesperson

Paper found it in Kim Kardashian and Likeble Local found one in Dave Kerpen, who's the face of your campaign or company? The person does not have to be famous (or even a human), but they do have to embody what your company is to a T. While you won't find our CEO, Dave, marrying Kanye West anytime soon, he personifies Likeable Local with his passion, hard work, and love of the color orange.

4. Be Memorable

You want to make sure people remember you long after they leave your page. If you disappear from their minds as soon as they're gone, then what was the point in the first place? Obviously, Kim's photos are more than memorable, they've seared themselves into the brain of the nation. 

But how can you create a similar (if less scandalous) effect? Take advantage of images that appeal to your listeners and make them your own. Also make offers that cannot be ignored or forgotten by blowing your competition out of the water. Create something new and refreshing that your followers desire. 

5. Listen to What the People Want

This also goes back to knowing your audience. Listen in to what your clients want before jumping in, for no one will bite if they're uninterested. It's simple, give the people what they want. No one wants to see Kim Kardashian quietly going to the library, they want to see her drenched in scandal. So if you're a dentist, no one wants to see your opinion on gardening, they want to see how you can #FixTheirSmile. Once you know what they want you can provide it for them. Once you've listened enough, begin to anticipate their desires and give them what they want before they even know that they need it.

What are your thoughts? Do you think there are things we can take away from #BreakTheInternet or was it blown out of proportion? Tweet us your opinions @likeablelocal.

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