Social media is great for building your brand. It's awesome for building your reputation. It's terrific for customer service, and for responding to positive and negative feedback. It's AMAZING for listening to customers and prospects. 
I say, YES! 
But it's not easy. 
I've been hard at work on this for 10 years. Been experimenting with how to best use social media to drive leads for big brands, for government organizations, for nonprofits, and for small businesses. I've written extensively on the subject, including the New York Times bestseller Likeable Social Media. I've failed a lot along the way, but I've learned a lot in the last 10 years. 
I've learned that using social media to drive leads is extremely challenging, but if you follow the right steps, it's quite possible:
1) Build an audience using your existing network and hyper-targeting advertising.
2) Listen to what your customers and prospects want. 
3) Share engaging, relevant content on a consistent basis to the major social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & LinkedIn. (Like my favorite sports station back in my Boston days, WEEI, when you think of content, think Entertaining, Engaging, and Inspiring!) 
4) Create a compelling offer for your audience and drive targeted social media traffic to that offer. 
5) Measure, iterate, repeat. 
Those are the 5 simple steps to use social media to drive leads. 
But of course it's easier said than done, because those 5 "simple" steps take time and effort and energy, all of which many small business owners don't have! 
I get it. If you have the time, effort and energy to do those 5 steps for your business, go ahead! 
But if you don't have the time, effort and energy- well, that's exactly why my team built the powerful Likeable Hub software - to automate those 5 steps, and to make the process as easy and simple as humanly possible for you, the small business owner. 
Learn more about this powerful software now. 30 minutes might just save you A LOT of time in the long run.
And either way, please know that social media CAN and SHOULD drive you leads to help grow your business.  

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