rawpixel-com-192251.jpgWhen a person feels connected with a brand, an incredibly strong bond forms. What’s the best way to weave a story that resonates? Here’s how to create a page turner.

Introduce characters

Shine the spotlight on your brand's heroes. These are the real-life people who have supported you throughout your journey. When new characters become a part of your business, introduce them as well. Doing so will make your brand more human.

Share the plot

Customers love to know the backstory of the products and services they're using. Revealing your brand’s history gives people a behind-the-scenes look into how it all began. Keep your story interesting and always well-written by using editing resources, such as Academized.

It’s also important to share what you stand for. Go beyond numbers and facts. What are your values? And, what challenges have you encountered along the way to achieving your goals? People love stories about underdogs who beat the odds and make it in the end.

Be authentic 

Being authentic is about ensuring your company lives up to what it stands for. Your company must live and breathe its values every day. A restaurant that prides itself on creating a homey atmosphere should have warm and welcoming décor, with employees who embody that same vibe. Customers will quickly discover if you're saying one thing, yet living another. Monitor what's being said about your brand online using Mention to ensure your reputation aligns with your values.

Spread the Word

Whether it's on your establishment’s wall, or through another medium, get the message out. When you promote a story that resonates, people are likely to share it with others. For more visibility, infuse your brand’s narrative into your website and social media presence.

Add New Chapters

As your company grows, so will your story. Stay true to your roots while adding new chapters. To keep the writing high-quality, it’s helpful to use copywriting services like Paper Fellows or Ukwritings, which are staffed with experienced branding professionals.

These five steps will help you write your brand’s story to create meaningful connections with your customers.

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