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The world is shifting to social media websites and platforms. More people are using social media websites to scroll through news feeds, keep in touch with their friends, and see what other people are up to. The business world is quickly adapting, too, using platforms to attract and engage clients. Providing value to your audience is key to driving traffic to your blog or website. In this article, we discuss tips that make your content more clickable.

1. Craft the Perfect Headline

The headline is one of the most important parts of your post. It determines whether or not people will be interested in reading it. Many writers don’t put enough effort into the headline, which is not the best course of action. To craft the perfect headline, some factors to consider include:

  • Its relevance: Your post’s title should be in line with the topic. For example, if your post's topic is about apples, then the title should be about apples, not watermelons or any other fruit.
  • Short: Your headline should not exceed 70 characters. The shorter, the better.
  • Lists with numbers: Numbers in the headline can make it stand out. The human eye is more attracted to headlines with numbers. They're more specific, giving readers an idea of what to expect.


2. Use Simple Language 

Online surveys have revealed reading patterns of online users. Most people skim through online information. The same trend happens on social media websites where most people are looking for an eye-catcher. If readers don’t feel a connection with what you say, it’s likely they won’t read much further. Using clear, simple language ensures the reader understands your message. So, don't use complex words and structures.

Rather, your word choices should be short and simple. Because active sentences are easier to understand than passive ones, opt for the active voice. Your article should be simple enough to inspire your reader to share it with someone they know.


3. Make Your Post Shareable

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When writing posts, your goal may be to connect with a larger audience. To achieve this, make posts shareable. Make your content interesting and relevant to your audience, so they will feel moved to share it with friends and followers. Feature social media sharing buttons, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google Plus, on your website. You’ll find most of the traffic coming to your website is from your social media platforms and posts.

4. Optimize for Each Social Network

Each social media website has its own guidelines that define what users will be viewing and sharing. Because each network has its own rules, terms, and conditions, your posts should be formatted in a certain way. 

On Facebook, you can edit the copy for the link. Also, promotional posts that push people to “buy” and “sell” don’t get traction on Facebook, so avoiding them is wise.

On LinkedIn, “best-of” list posts enjoy more amplification, increasing your views and chances of getting more clicks.

Twitter’s previous character limitations, which made it a challenge to share videos and images, was removed. With that change, posts with videos and images now get more views. For example, sharing an attractive GIF can attract more attention.

On Instagram, only your bio can contain a link. Because your posts can’t feature links, it’s essential to share amazing images that compel people to explore your profile.

On Pinterest, search result vertical images draw more attention, especially from mobile device users. So, ensure you format your pins in a portrait orientation to maximize clicks.


5. Make Your Post Visually Appealing

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Yes, you’ll have to write a lot to make your posts clickable. However, that alone won’t be enough for your readers. Presentation matters just as much. Because most readers love visually appealing posts, using pictures and other graphics is a great way to spice it up. Plus, many people process visual information better. Engage people's minds even more by featuring videos, infographics, and other forms of multimedia.


6. Write Quality Content

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For every social network, the quality of your content carries the most weight. Crafting compelling content starts as soon as you have identified the topic you want to write about.

Personal qualities and other factors have an impact on quality. For instance, your organizational skills, as well as ability to immerse yourself in the writing process and do necessary research, affect its quality.

Clickable content is definitely free from grammar and spelling errors. Therefore, fine-tune grammar, sentence structure and flow, spelling, and more. By always taking time to proofread, you can avoid errors.

What you create must provide value to readers. Why else would they be interested in reading your post? Knowing what’s valuable helps you write with your audience in mind, leading to content that’s informative and entertaining.

Finally, let your content be inspiring and unique, the kind that raises the curiosity of your audience. Don’t forget, people value originality. When your content provides value in a variety of ways, it will definitely be clickable.


Every blogger's objective should be to create content that's shared throughout the online community. The best content connects with readers and is optimized for every social network. Your content should be smooth and enticing, and provide unique and tremendous value for readers.

Thankfully, the Internet has a vast array of resources to help you with any form of writing. You can learn how to write the best posts for social media, an essay, how to write a book report, and many other forms of writing! Explore online resources to make your content clickable for social media and take your writing to a whole other level.

Do you have any tips that can make content more clickable? Feel free to drop us a comment below with a link to your tip.


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