This blog was contributed by Aaron Lee Wei Ren of Post Planner. Aaron is the Grand Master of Customer Delight and contributing author at Post Planner. Here is his take on boosting engagement using videos on Facebook.

By now I’m sure you’ve noticed a great number of videos posted on your Facebook newsfeed. That is because Facebook has given more weight towards video content on your newsfeed. 

Guess what? People are finding it entertaining! 

According to Social Bakers, Facebook has surpassed YouTube as the most popular platform for businesses to share videos.

FacebookstatsAnd they're not stopping any time soon. Jump right in. 

The good news is, you don’t need a giant budget to make good video content! Anyone can do it. Even using a simple phone could work. You might be using it right now to read this article. 

If you’re a small business who take advantage of this, here are some ideas for you. 

Remember, your video doesn’t have to be long and boring; even 30-second videos can be effective.

1. Educate 

Tips and tricks are useful and people appreciate your help in improving their lives. 

Using videos, you can show your fans how your products or services benefit them. This is also your chance to highlight key features and the different ways people can use your products or services.

Quest Nutrition has quick-tip videos that get a lot of engagement. 


2. Inspire

One way to inspire is through videos. Videos show emotion and sincerity in a way that a simple quote can't do. To encourage others humanizes your brand and connects deeply with your fans.

I love Ahna Hendrix’s Wisdom Wednesday where she talks about topics ranging from the importance of goals to sharing to how to be nice to yourself.


3. Entertain

Here’s the thing, people go on Facebook to have fun, relax and catch up with their friends. Videos are the perfect platform to have fun. You can use it to entertain your fans by showing the fun side of your company. 

I've seen videos of pet ambassadors or even a company prank working really well. All you need is a little creativity.

Here’s a sneak peek of Josh Parkinson, Post Planner's CEO, rapping during an interview. 


4. Say Thanks

Has it been a year since you launched a major project? Did you just hit a new milestone in your business, reached landmark number of fans on Facebook, or simply want to be thankful to your fans who had been there to support you? 

A quick video of you and your staff saying thank you can go a long way.  

5. Show Behind the Scenes

A fun way to use video in your Facebook marketing is to share what happens behind the scenes. This little peek behind the curtain is a great fun for your audience because get to see the business and most importantly meet the people who work hard to run it. 

Here’s a great example from Sandi Krakowski


You can also show a sneak peek of a product you’ll be launching or a simple tour of the office. 

6. Reveal a New Product 

Launching a new product? Videos are great to launch your product. Not only can you show people how it looks from different angles, you can also share what your loyal fans thought of them. 

This can be done by reaching out to your fans prior to their launch and get them to share a word or two about the product. 

7. FAQs

One way to use videos is answering frequently asked questions (FAQs). You could even turn it into a series of videos by answering only a few questions each time. 

This would help you manage customer enquiries too as you can point them to videos of you answering similar questions. 

Videos are great because they are engaging. If you’re looking to make use of this platform, create something unique and build excitement with your fans. You should definitely consider using Facebook videos.

Your turn.

Have you used videos in your Facebook marketing?

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