Social media fiends and business pros have been buzzing over the introduction of the new tool: hashtags on Facebook. Hashtags are used on both Twitter and Instagram in order to find other users who are interested in the same topic. However, Facebook is the most widely used social media platform, and the benefits the hashtag on Facebook could be insurmountable. With this in mind: what can Facebook hashtags do for your business? How could you benefit most from using them?

1. Find Your Hashtag
Finding a usable hashtag for your business is key. You can engage your customers and see what the Facebook community is posting about you. The goal is to find a hashtag that is not already being used. Find something that your customer base can easily remember, either by putting the name of town in which your business is located after the name of your business, or another identifier that will be unique to you.

2. Experiment to Find your Footing
Hashtags on Facebook are slightly different from those on Twitter: Facebook hashtags are sorted chronologically as opposed to popularity. When you search for a specific hashtag, Facebook will find related hashtags and bring those up as well. The issue with chronological sorting in regards to popularity is that the time that you are posting your hashtags is more important than ever. Figure out an appropriate time to use the hashtags, in order to maximize the amount of viewers. A huge benefit to Facebook hashtags is being able to find hashtags of different topics simply by searching for a related hashtag. This can maximize the amount of viewers to your hashtag and page just by them searching for a related topic.

3. Don’t Overload!
Do your best to not overload your hashtags per update. One or two is perfectly fine, but at a certain point an excessive amount of hashtags can look too messy. Often on Twitter, a huge amount of hashtags per Tweet could be the result of a spam account. Keep in mind, less is best!

*Don’t Forget: You can also hashtag pictures you upload! Don’t just limit your hashtags to your status updates, as you can also show off your business with pictures using the same hashtags. 

Don’t forget to make your posts public! This ensures each user using hashtags will be able to see your posts.


By: Mara Higgins

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