Your social media presence engages your followers and offers an inside look at your business. Your followers are excited to talk about you and look forward to your posts. So, how do you share content bigger than a tweet or blog post?

Enter the e-Book.

e-Books have grown in popularity as a way to share insight -at little to no cost- with people who want to know more about your topic. You can follow these steps to help you write your own.

1. Choose a focus.
e-Books can feel daunting, so breaking them into smaller sections will help to make the process a little easier. In what particular area of your industry are you an expert? Think about the topics you are most passionate about -- these also tend to be the most appealing to your readers.

2. Give value to your readers.
As Guy Kawasaki mentioned in his article, 
Should You Write a Book?, your writing should be doing something for your audience. Give them the chance to learn a new skill or understand more about your business. Just make sure that your e-Book is enriching your readers' relationship with you, instead of flatly promoting your business.

3. Make it easy.
e-Books exist online, and people appreciate them for both their depth and their convenience. Share your new creation on social networks and make it easy to access from your homepage. As with any content, you need to grab viewers' attention quickly and effortlessly. Free e-Books are a great idea, but if you must charge for it, keep the price low.

If this sounds a little too challenging for you right now, you can choose to share another company's e-Book. Sharing their e-Book will not only build your business-to-business relationship with them, but will also demonstrate to your followers that you have their best interest in mind. e-Books serve as another great way to build trust and engage your audience.

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By: Amy Young

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