Want to Win the Sale?

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As the general manager of sales for Likeable Local, I often find myself in conversations about sales and performance.  What makes a great sales rep? What makes a standout sales team? 

In my time in sales, I have heard the following statements that represent misconceptions within the industry: 

"S/he either has it or doesn't."

"The drive to make 100 cold calls a day always produces a winner."

"His/Her charisma drives the sale." 

There are several characteristics of a legitimately great sales rep. One irrefutable key for every successful sales rep is what I like to call: "organized follow up". You may be excellent on the phone, in person, or both.  You may be able to deliver the perfect pitch to the perfect person at the perfect time. But, as my experience has dictated, that may not be enough.

In today’s world, in spite of your early successes in the sale process, you are going to have to follow up. This is the golden key that will help you close your sales. Following up with the right information, the right person, and at the right time will help you achieve your goals more quickly and efficiently. Do not misunderstand an organized follow up to be shooting your lead an email. Instead, you need to identify the answers to these questions:

·  What is the next step for this sale/account follow up?

·  How do I give the potential client this information most simply?

·  What time am I following up and over what medium?

Answering these questions for each follow up while having a clear outline of the next steps will allow you to do two things: First, it will help you to determine the timeline of the sale, and second, it will help you to establish if they are a real buyer. If they are not committed, that’s ok!  It is critical to understand that getting a no is as valuable as getting a yes. While it isn’t good for your goal or commission, it is extremely valuable for your time. Instead of chasing an uninterested lead, you can now devote your time to finding and closing an interested lead.

This is just one of the many tips that really separates the real winners from the average producer. Make sure to always use an “organized follow up” to assist in your sales! 

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