As a small business owner, you want to post engaging content to your social media accounts. But understanding the need is far different than the actual execution. That being said, we have some good news and some bad news…

The bad news is there isn't a magic formula that attracts virality to your content. Sure you can post cute pet pictures and funny baby videos that represent your brand (or don’t). But if you rely on that as a crutch for engagement, your social accounts will suffer and so will your brand awareness. You need a clear online presence that best represents your business.

The good news is that it isn’t as hard as you think. All you need is a plan. The key is to keep your audience attune to exactly what you are trying to promote. Follow these simple guidelines to effectively organize your content stream.

  • Brainstorm A Creative

    Create a plan you wish to promote. Maybe it is a promotion you are running for your business. Or perhaps it is to raise awareness for a community program or cause that your business supports. Map out in advance a time line for promoting the event. Depending on the event’s scale and time frame, you can forecast the time frame accordingly.

    Once you have some plans for upcoming events, you can think about how to include your audience.
  • Develop A Strategy and Execute

    Insert a hook into your posts. Use a sequential or even chronological approach to your posts. Encourage them to return for your next post. It doesn’t always have to be about pushing your products or services! Your following knows what you do and can see right through those salesy posts. Give them a reason to enjoy following you on social media.

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