Let's be honest, before this year your social media activity was not a great representation of your business. Since then, you have been pretty hot and heavy with your social media presence. And we could not be happier!

You are creating great personalized content of your business and curating leading industry news articles. Believe it or not, you may have even begun experimenting with paid advertisements through social. And yet, you haven't reaped the benefits of maximizing your retweets, favorites, comments and likes.

Having an intimate knowledge of your audience is imperative when promoting content to social media. Now that you have your ideal audience targeting, you are now ready to take your social media relationship to the next level: engagement. Yes that was a pun, but the principle still applies.

Certain businesses will have greater success sharing content to their audiences in different places at different times. For example, a college town coffee shop might have multiple networks that they post a variety of content to every week. But what should they post? And when and where should they post it?

 1. Know Your Audience

In this case, it would be reasonable to assume that a college town coffee shop might be targeting two separate, but not mutually exclusive groups: students and faculty. Granted, these are not the only consumers of their products, but attribute to a bulk of their sales.

Consider promoting posts directly to those with a direct association with the school. For example, asking students and faculty members to "share" a promotional post offering a free scone with the purchase of a large specialty coffee. These audiences would benefit the most from your offer between 7-11AM on a given weekday.

2. Scheduling Content

Running a business is hard enough, let alone wondering how to maintain an active online community. Are you currently operating on a content schedule? Maybe you have an effective sticky note system or just surf the internet for content when you think of it. Whatever your current strategy, the easiest way to keep track of what you have posted and what you are planning to post is through a calendar or scheduling tool. There are tons of scheduling tools that can make your life easier.
The days of ignoring social media for your business are over. The fact of the matter is, investing in social media for your business is not only wise, it is necessary. What steps are you taking this calendar year to elevate your social media presence?
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