Thanks to one of our Likeable Consultants, Mylene Beaudoin CEO and founder of Mylene Recrute, for guesting on our blog about social recruiting!

Recruitment does not have to be a painful and costly process. This post will show you how to effectively recruit through social media, with little to no cost to your small business.

If you can use social media to grow your business through word of mouth, why it can't it recruit your next associate? Before you take another step, make sure you have a fully updated, easy to read career page. Once this is complete, read on to learn how facebook, twitter, and linkedin can save you time and money on recruiting and help you grow your business.


When you first created your Facebook page, you started on the path to building your brand. Now, you need to do the same with your company’s brand. By sharing what it’s like to work at your company, pictures of your team activities, your employee of the month, or any huge success in your team you can make people say "I want to work there." 

For instance when you have a position to fill, post it on your page, and share it within your personal network. For example:

"ABC Enterprise is hiring an office manager for our branch located in Times Square. If you have 5+ year experience in administration, management experience and strong leadership skills, we want to meet you! Please, apply on our website"

Encourage your staff to share these posts, too. A little referral bonus might help incentivize!


The advantage of Twitter is the ability to tag other people ad use hashtags! Win recruiting on Twitter, you can you can tag professional associations you want to contact in posts. As an example, say you are recruiting an accountant; you could add @CPAAssociation to gain views!

Choose your hashtags wisely, because you have only 140 characters! Ask influencers in your field to RT (retweet) your posts and return their favor by sharing their posts too. Again, ask your team to retweet your posts, and benefit from their network.


This is really where the fun begins! You can pay for a job posting on LinkedIn OR you can do it yourself!

The advantage of LinkedIn is that you can share your opportunity in the groups you follow. For example, recently I promoted a webinar in about 15 groups, and I had over many new attendees within 24 hours. Be conscious of creating concise and timely messages. Research shows, the very best time to post on LinkedIn is around 8am and 5pm because professionals check their LinkedIn at the beginning and/or end of the day.

No more excuses!

Consider what you invest in social media (or using a service like Likeable Local, as I do) and how the return of one new hire or customer has already paid for itself. Here's to using social media as a wonderful recruiting tool! Comment below with your thoughts and experiences. I would love to hear from you!

Mylene Recrute

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