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Is your business on Facebook? Love Snapchat? Facebook has introduced a way for you to enjoy the best of both networks within its app: Facebook Stories, Camera, and Direct. It’s big news for small businesses looking to engage with people on social media.


In this remarkable upgrade, you can give people an insider’s look into your business. Want to share an initiative? Hosting an event? It’s now possible to share them more creatively. You can also get the latest updates on your friends’ lives.


Here’s what to know about successfully using the new feature.


Why Use Facebook Stories for Your Business?


Multimedia with Special Effects


You can share original content using text, photos, videos, all with special effects. We’re in a visual age, where messages are communicated through multimedia. Facebook Stories enables you to unleash your inner artist to stand out.


Scientifically, using it can invigorate your content. According to studies, the human brain processes visuals 60,000x faster than text alone. Combine text with visuals, and you’ve created a message that’s greater than the sum of its parts.


Share a Story


There’s another reason, and it’s all in the name. With Stories, you bring a storytelling flair to your posts. People love stories, especially when they’re entertaining. They’re a more authentic perspective on what’s happening.


Engage with People


You can give audiences an insider’s look into your business. If you’re hosting a company outing, capture the moment. Your audience will love to see how you work and play. It will also humanize your brand, as people see who you are.


Showcase Your Product


You can showcase your product with text, photos, videos, and cool special effects. Display your product in its element, so people see it in action. If you want to highlight your product’s versatility, show people using it differently. You can get people excited about what you do using this feature.


Spread the Word


Have an event or initiative you want to highlight? Record a video, or take photos, and add special effects. Make your audience feel like they’re right there with you, taking in the sights and sounds of the experience. Make it visceral.


How to Use Facebook Stories


Open up Facebook Mobile with your phone and launch the feature. At the top of the app, is a horizontal bar with icons for your and your friends’ stories. To share an experience or thought, press your icon and create a story using a photo or video. You can then enhance your post by applying special effects.


When you’re ready to publish, press the arrow icon, select ‘Your Story,’ and then press the arrow that appears at the bottom of your screen. If you want to share the story with a specific friend, you have the ability to send it privately to them through a direct message, called Facebook Direct.


After you publish, your posts will be live for 24 hours. After 24 hours, they will disappear. Because they’re temporary, people will likely feel more compelled to tune in immediately to catch the latest news.


Want to share updates with beyond your mobile network? You have the option of sharing stories on your News Feed so everyone can view them.


Creating on a Whole Other Level


One of the best parts about Facebook Stories is that it gives you new ways to share and express yourself. Because it’s a mobile app, you have freedom to create from anywhere at any time. With its design capabilities, you can create posts that entertain and provide value that stands out. All in all, it’s a more immersive and engaging way for your business to connect with people.


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