Have you downloaded the newest social media app, Jelly? If you haven’t, it might be because you’ve never heard of it. It just launched on January 7th by the co-founder of Twitter and it already has a cult-like following with almost 9,000 members on its launch day.

The newest social app lets you ask questions to people in your network of friends using pictures and crowdsourcing to get you answers in real time. Sound silly? Think about asking a question describing an image and limiting it to 140 characters, difficult right? Well, Jelly has eliminated this conundrum. Stone says he developed the idea because there are some questions that can't be answered with a simple Google search.


This app may be a great tool for businesses in the future. Since Jelly is still a flyweight compared to the heavy hitters in social, there are plenty of additions that could be made. Right now, you can’t search for or follow topics that you’re an “expert” in to help answer questions, but in the future Jelly founder Biz Stone says that he’d love to add these to make the answering process more streamlined and accurate. This could help businesses follow topics that their products or services would be useful, gain exposure, and stay connected with consumers.

Our suggestion: Download this app! Play around with it and submit feedback to the creators. Its a lot of fun helping friends with their inquiries.

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