Instagram: The Great Usurper

Posted by Matthew Christie

In a press release earlier this month, Instagram announced they will be cutting down on SPAM accounts throughout it’s user interface. YAY! In doing so, they will release a new account verification allowing athletes, artists, celebrities, and brands to have a trademarked symbol validating their identity. This system will likely resemble those currently found on Twitter and more recently Facebook.

This is great news for it’s current users, but there is even greater significance in the untapped potential for the photo sharing network. What does this mean for marketers now, and how will it impact an impending multi-functional advertising integration?

Twitter’s early growth saw the application used in many different ways. From internet GIF’s to an instant source for breaking news, Twitter has been around for it all. Suddenly, Instagram emerged as a new competitor after taking a page or two out of Twitter's book. By proving the original concept of photo sharing, Instagram has surpassed Twitter with over 300 million active users!


In it’s infancy, Instagram is working with brands like Progressive, McDonalds, and PayPal to troubleshoot ads beta testing. However, the Facebook owned powerhouse has extensive experience on how to target audiences. 

So, what does all of this mean?

Ultimately, this means that your impressions, views, and clicks will be more qualified. By eliminating spam accounts, your ads will be seen by more unique users. This will allow marketers to track their ROI more effectively and lead to more sales.

In the mean time, keep posting your own unique engaging content. Have some fun! Promote your brand’s culture as a lifestyle. Some of the app's most popular business accounts are the ones that aren’t afraid to show you their human side.

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