Until recently, Youtube dominated the online video space for as long we can remember. However, the digital world never stays stagnant and that number one slot is now held by the social media juggernaut, Facebook. It's simple really. As news outlets and bloggers concentrate more on video while taking over the internet, social media seems to be the most natural progression.

While Facebook is king of video for the moment, two entirely new platforms point to an evolutionary development in social/video integration. Meet Meerkat and Periscope, two live video streaming platforms designed to directly integrate to Twitter. They have similar business models, so keep watching. A modern day David vs. Goliath story is unfolding right before our eyes. Can't tell who's going to triumph? We've broken down their pros and cons so you don't have to!

Meerkat, the most talked about app at SXSW, allows you to host a live stream broadcast through your Twitter account. 

From politicians to CEO’s to pizzarias in Toronto, people are streaming and more people are watching.

However, as Meerkat celebrated its success, Twitter pulled the plug on their access to Twitter’s social graph. This decreases the app’s ability to automatically notify users when their friends are streaming. Why you ask? It's simple: a conflict of interest.

Just days later, Twitter unveiled their own live-streaming app called Periscope. It's been developing for about a year and Twitter officially acquired the startup company in January for a measly $100 million.

Although both apps have the same function, they do have distinct features. In our opinion, Periscope clearly has the early advantage. Just whatever you do, "Don't cross the streams!"


Here are a few key differences and who we think comes out on top:

Streaming Capabilities: Periscope has the ability to review 24 expired streams up to 24 hours after completion. Meerkat needs an additional app for viewing past streams. Winner: Periscope.

Growth: Meerkat has seen daily growth of up to 30% since they took over SXSW earlier this month. Both platforms have incredible potential. Meerkat just announced their most recent round of funding while Periscope was recently acquired by the second most relevant social network in history. Winner: Meerkat.

Comment Feature: Periscope appears to have a far more responsive functionality than Meerkat's current edition. In a world where real time events are being streamed live, this is a crucial component. Winner: Periscope.

Beautification: In order not to play favorites, we will call this one a tie. You be the judge! (Meerkat's to the left and Periscope's to the right)


What are your thoughts? Do you agree that Periscope's going to beat the competition? Tweet us at @LikeableLocal to cast your vote and keep an eye on Likeable Local's activity on Periscope AND Meerkat. We promise some potential prizes!

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