It's beginning to look a lot like Holiday Rush time, a stressful, but exciting time in the small business space.  Many small businesses think that it's time to put marketing on the back burner during the Holiday season, but we believe that it is imperative to do the opposite.

41% of consumers say they will be spending more online shopping this holiday season than last. What does this mean? Get in front of your customers, online.   Online shopping is WEATHERPROOF and consumers are actively looking to spend more money in the online space than in stores.  Provide social incentives in order to increase sales and reach your customers that are sitting on their couch in their holiday pj's drinking hot chocolate and staying away from the snow and or rain doing their online shopping. 

Be the guiding light of the hottest trends of the season..... And then show your customers that YOU have the hottest trends of the season....

Use content to drive awareness about popular products and trends for the holiday season.  Consumers are looking for the latest and greatest, so if you show them what they are, they are going to be extremely happy when they coincidentally find out, your store carries all of these popular items AT AN AMAZING HOLIDAY DISCOUNT! 

All in all do NOT forget about marketing for the holidays.  The last thing your business will want to be is the crazy relative that drank way too much eggnog and missed out on all of the fun.  The holiday season is the time to allocate MORE of your budget to drive sales and join your consumers where they are actively spending their time. 

What marketing campaigns are you pushing this Holiday season on social media? If you want to learn more, tune into our free social media webinar on holiday marketing on December 4th with Marketing and Partnership Director, Nicole Kroese.

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