Watch Out for These Trends

Posted by Beth Henderson


With the year drawing to a close, it's dizzying to think of all the strides social media has made in the past year. Trends crop up in the blink of an eye and it's difficult to predict what's going to dominate, but thanks to my handy dandy flying DeLorean, I came back from the future to let you know what's the what in this year.

1. 'Liking' Through Rose Colored Filters

I personally love Instagram (sorry to all of my friends who deal with nonstop pictures of my cat). Besides the adorable critters and delicious food pics, there's some hard evidence as to why it's going to be considered one of the big boys, alongside Facebook and Twitter, in the upcoming year. Just this month, Instagram has announced 300 million users, outpacing Twitter's 284 million monthly active users by no small measure. The key thing to notice is that they claim in their recent blog post to have done this in four years. In the grand scheme of the universe, that's an impressive success. 

2. Podcast are "Seriously" Hot Right Now
When I say podcast what do you think? Grumpy old men in sweater vests or even grumpier young hipsters in sweater vests? Well NPR just changed the face of this wilting genre by launching a This American Life spin off entitled Serial. It investigates the true story of an 18 year old girl's murder and the subsequent trial and conviction of her ex boyfriend. And let me tell you, it's riveting. It's not only proven to be a good bet for NPR, but also its advertisers. Maybe it's time for your company to finally launch the podcast it's been talking about for ages or look around for popular local podcasts to sponsor. 

3. Companies Change the Face of Online Payment
Honestly, I'm surprised it's taken this long. Inspired by successful apps like Venmo, companies are starting to take interest in peer to peer payment, or small exchanges of money between consumers. Recently, Apple changed the face of money exchange by introducing it's own system. Even the trendy app, Snapchat has gotten into the game by introducing Snapcash! Though both are still in initial stages, Twitter and Facebook are both exploring peer to peer payment systems as well. I've personally never seen it, but some have reported a "Buy" button popping up in their Facebook feeds.

4. Get Ready to Pay to Play
Speaking of Facebook, you've probably seen all of the hullabaloo about how they're pulling the plug on unpaid ads; an act that will "sting" entrepreneurs, according to the Wall Street Journal. Facebook users will also have to deal with a limited amount of reach for every post. In the face of this, advertisers will turn more towards paid ads that will guarantee that they reach their customer base. 

In 2015 there will be an even greater integration of daily life and web apps. From entertainment to payment, you'll find a solution for everything online within the coming months. What are your thoughts on next year's trends? Comment below on what you think will revolutionize marketing next!

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