"Dave, have I got a tip for you!" said Tim over the phone to me. Tim is the owner of a paintless hail and dent repair shop in Virginia. I love talking to Likeable Local customers. Not only can I get feedback on what we're doing well and how we can improve our software for SMB's, but I always learn something new, from the perspective of a small business owner, the market that we serve everyday. 

Usually, I'm on top of social media trends, but with the speed at which things change in this industry, even I miss some. 
"Dave, did you know that you can invite people who like your posts to like your Page now?," Tim continued. It turns out to be a brand new and really effective way of increasing your audience and getting more Likes on your Facebook Page, without having to pay for them (well, without having to pay for them twice).
Here's how it works, exactly:
Whenever you update your business Facebook page, with a picture, video, or live video, hopefully you generate some likes, comments and shares with those updates. (Likeable Local customers always generate likes comments and shares on their posts thanks to our proprietary Turbopost technology.)
Anyway, once you get post Likes, you can now convert them to Page likes. Simply:
1) Go to your page update on your timeline
2) Hover over the number of Likes that post got
3) Click, and 
4) An invite screen will pop up. (See screenshot.) 
5) Then, scroll through, and invite anyone to like your Page who hadn't already liked you. 
Now, you've increased your audience for future posts, for free! I recommend going back awhile to do this for all of your high-performing posts over the years, because why not? Then do it a couple of days after every post moving forward. (As long as you've got the time!) 
Thanks Tim, for sharing that tip with me, and here's to all of you getting more likes for your business pages, without spending a dime! 
Don't have the time to do this for yourself, or don't understand how this all works? The team at Likeable Local and our software can help! Schedule a free demo and consultation now, and start taking advantage of the best social media automation software on the planet!
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