Social Media Skills You Learned as a Kid.

Posted by Sam Berdoff

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You may not even realize that all basic social media skills you use every day you learned before Facebook was even a thought in Mark Zuckerberg’s mind.

Think back to when you were four or five. What were some of the most valuable skills you learned that was applied every day?

Some examples were to share with every one, to play nice with your peers, to be always yourself, and to listen to your teacher and classmates. All of these lessons are simple and easy to apply to social media for every day use.


Sharing is caring.

Sharing is one of the first rules any child learns when they are in the classroom. We share so others can get the joy out of what we have and others share with us so we can enjoy and learn from what they have. Social media is the ultimate place to share. If you think anything is interesting and share it with your followers or friends, they can find it interesting and share it as well. Sharing becomes a chain reaction to spread the word and tell your story.

During the 2013 World Series, for everyone who shared the hashtag #TroopThanks, Bank of America would donate $1 to the Wounded Warrior Project. It was shared 1 million times therefore $1 million was given to the foundation.



Always play nice.

Nobody wants to be bothered by the mean kid in school; always be the nice guy. Put your please and thank you to good use! When talking on social media with social peers, always have a great attitude and be polite; you never know where it might lead you.

In this example, Dunkin Donuts notice my tweet about how much I love their Irish Cream coffee March. They responded with a nice gesture letting me know they saw my tweet and appreciated it.



Here is an example of bullying by Rihanna. As a celebrity, she is always in the spotlight either getting complimented or ridiculed by critics and fans. No matter the comments, it is simply unprofessional to respond in an extremely inappropriate manner (even if it is Joan Rivers.)



Be yourself!

When you’re five you have no one to impress. So why be afraid to be yourself today? Social media is a great place to express who you are. Use you’re LinkedIn picture or Twitter avatar to show off your smile. It takes too much energy to pretend to be someone you aren’t and your friends like you because of who you are, so be proud of that. People like when someone is genuine because it is one way you can establish some credibility.


Listen to others.

Easily the best lesson you learned as a kid. When your teachers or parents told you to do something, you listened and did what they asked (hopefully.) Listening on social media is the best way to get insight for you to learn and grow. You can learn new things, meet new people, understand what’s going on; the possibilities are endless.


These four basic skills are acquired at such a young age that they are natural to you. Don’t be afraid to use them on social media and have FUN with it. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and any other form of social media can become your playground, so enjoy it!


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