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This week, Likeable Radio got to interview Tania Price, CEO and founder of Entropolis and Erica Dhawan, keynote speaker and co-author of Get Big Things Done. In this edition, Dave and Meg ask all about Actionable Tactics and Connective Intelligenece.

Meet Tania Price, founder and CEO of Entropolis. Entropolis is an online and dynamic platform that curates colonies of entrepreneurs and service providers. Tania has worked with leading brands all over the world from Japan to Australia! Tania is also on the board of directors of the Club Kidpreneur Foundation.

Dave Kerpen: What are some actionable tactics for new and aspiring entrepreneurs out there?

Tania Price: My experience with entrepreneurs, including myself is that none of us are straight line thinkers and price followers. We all have active and creative minds, and we’re always full of ideas.

We always seem distracted to the new and shiny things. So, it’s not natural for us to be very focused. There’s so much to do and so little time to do it.

You have to be efficient and make sure that the time counts to the vision and goals of your business. Here are my 4 actionable tactics: 

1) The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.

Start with a big vision. Be on the edge and challenge yourself. This will immediately force you to be focused on what you need to do for the next 6 months and then head to make it a proper business.

2) Break your business journey to realistic and easily milestones to reach.

Work within your peak attention span.

3) You need to be very objective of your business baby and very clear and specific on what you need to succeed.

If you’ve been clear and specific you’re less likely to get distracted of the general pathway to achieve your goals.

4) It’s all around navigating the blizzard of white noise that’s starting to or could eventually affect the entrepreneur ecosystem.

Find a qualified space like an online community where you can clean out the distractions. These environments contain light minded people and entrepreneurs where you can quickly build a network and find shortcuts for your new business adventures.

Tania also shared insights on her foundation, Club Kidpreneur. This foundation is aimed to capture the entrepreneurial spirit of kids to foster and educate them on how to use their business skills. Learn more about their fascinating concept here.

Lastly, Dave and Meg also got to talk with Erica Dhawan. Erica is a strategist, keynote speaker and co-author of Get Big Things Done. Erica shared her insights on Connectional Intelligence.

"Today we’re all connectors. We over connect. How can we create more connectors. How do we leverage our connectiveness? That's what connectional intelligence is. To create value and meaning in today's world"

Megan Riedinger: How can you get your readers to get big things done?

Erica Dhwan: Big things mean to revolutionize. To hit a record. Solve a problem or launching an initiative in your community. Engaging people in new ways or getting schools to share knowledge with each other across a town or region in order to improve a curriculum. And more!

The way we describe big things is that it goes to passion. We wanted to illuminate that in today's world, connectional intelligence isn't for the elite - it's for anyone that has an idea, passion and purpose.

Connectional Intelligence is a work set, mindset that is here to stay by accelerating connectiveness and launching initiatives, whether it's through new types of networking or finding new human elements. And that is how you get amazing ideas.

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