By now, we all know social media as an industry has staying power. But with all of the social networks, new features, and possibilities with social media marketing today, successfully managing it as a business can be time consuming and challenging. So, it's no surprise that many businesses are looking to social tools to help them access their success like never before. In fact, 62% of businesses currently choose to outsource their content marketing. But, it's not just content that tools help with. Today's social media tools can assist and automate everything from content, to advertising, to lead generation, to listening, to analytics, and more. 

Because social tools can do so much and come in so many different shapes and sizes, it's hard to choose the right one for your business. To help, we've summarized the 8 best social media tools for small businesses broken down by features, pricing, and more. At the end, you'll even find a comparative feature matrix. 

We know, we're a little biased since our tool, Likeable Hub, is in the mix, but truthfully our goal here is to help you as a business owner cut through the clutter and land on the perfect social tool to maximize your success. We're confident you'll find a winner among this list! 

"Social Media Automated." 

Main Features: Content Creation, Scheduling, Listening, Facebook Advertising, Mobile Websites and Landing Pages

Best For: Small Businesses and Digital Marketing Agencies 

Why You'd Choose Likeable: For a comprehensive solution that includes content, ads and lead generation + referrals in one place

Pricing: Personal Use (Free), VIP ($19.99/month), Expert ($299/month) and Pro ($599/month)


"Powerful, Approachable Software for Social Business"

Main Features: Social CRM, Publishing, and Analytics 

Best For: Large Businesses/Agencies

Why You'd Choose Sprout Social: Team/account Collaboration, Advanced Analytics, Shared Customer Records     

Pricing: Deluxe ($59 per user/month), Premium ($99 per user/month), and Team ($500 per month, 3 Users)



"Full-service marketing platform for businesses"

Main Features: Social Media Management, Customer Reviews and eMail Marketing

Best For: Local Businesses 

Why You'd Choose Main Street Hub: To integrate email marketing and reviews w/ social media in one platform

Pricing: Basic ($249/month), Value ($299/month), and Premium ($399/month) 


"Get more fans, leads, and customers with social promotions!"

Main Features: Content Curation and Campaign Management

Best For: Small Businesses

Why You'd Choose GroSocial: To create promotions for Facebook and Twitter 

Pricing: Pro ($29/month), VIP ($1,279/month), and VIP Plus ($4,979/month)


"Buffer is the best way to drive traffic, increase fan engagement and save time on social media."

Main Features: Scheduling Tool and Analytics

Best For: Large Businesses/Agencies and Small Businesses

Why You'd Choose Buffer: Buffer lets you know when to schedule your tweets based on the activity of your followers so you can have maximum exposure.

Pricing: Individual(Free), Awesome ($10/month), Small ($50/month), Medium ($100/month), Large($250/month)


"Triple your engagement in 10 minutes a day!"

Main Features: Facebook Scheduling Tool and Content Curation

Best For: Digital Marketing Consultants, Solopreneurs and Small Businesses

Why You'd Choose Post Planner: To save time on Facebook scheduling and ideas for Facebook posts

Pricing: Love ($7/month), Guru ($15/month), Master ($39/month), Agency ($79/month), Venture ($199/month), and Custom Options.


"Hootsuite lets you do more with social media"

Main Features: Social Media Listening, Scheduling Tool, Analytics and Reporting

Best For: Digital Marketing Consultants, Large Businesses/Agencies and Small Businesses

Why You'd Choose Hootsuite: Monitor multiple channels in one place with custom reporting

Pricing: Personal use (Free), Pro ($9.99/month), and Enterprise (Custom pricing)


"Yext is the market-leading location software company that lets businesses update and sync their location data everywhere."

Main Features: Location Sync and Increased Search Visibility

Best For: Large Businesses/Agencies and Small Businesses  

Why You'd Choose Yext: Keep your business's information consistent for enhanced visibility through search engines

Pricing: Emerging ($17/month), Essential ($38/month), Complete ($42/month) and Premium ($83/month)

These are NOT the only social media management tools in the marketplace. That list would be outdated as soon as we published. We compiled this list based off our own experience and exposure to these tools.

Here is a brief recap summarized into an easily digested graph!

  Facebook Publishing Twitter Publishing LinkedIn Publishing Content Creation Content Ideas Analytics Mobile Website Lead Generation Facebook Advertising Reviews Social Listening Create Promotions Listings Phone Support/Strategy Mobile App Starting Price
Likeable Local  7iaKbM8aT  7iaKbM8aT  7iaKbM8aT  7iaKbM8aT  7iaKbM8aT  7iaKbM8aT  7iaKbM8aT  7iaKbM8aT  7iaKbM8aT  7iaKbM8aT  7iaKbM8aT  7iaKbM8aT    7iaKbM8aT  7iaKbM8aT  Free
Sprout Social  7iaKbM8aT  7iaKbM8aT  7iaKbM8aT    7iaKbM8aT  7iaKbM8aT    7iaKbM8aT    7iaKbM8aT  7iaKbM8aT    7iaKbM8aT  7iaKbM8aT  7iaKbM8aT  $59 per user/month
Main Street Hub  7iaKbM8aT  7iaKbM8aT    7iaKbM8aT  7iaKbM8aT  7iaKbM8aT  7iaKbM8aT      7iaKbM8aT  7iaKbM8aT  7iaKbM8aT    7iaKbM8aT    $249/month
GroSocial  7iaKbM8aT  7iaKbM8aT  7iaKbM8aT      7iaKbM8aT
   7iaKbM8aT        7iaKbM8aT  7iaKbM8aT      $29/month
Buffer  7iaKbM8aT  7iaKbM8aT  7iaKbM8aT    7iaKbM8aT  7iaKbM8aT          7iaKbM8aT        7iaKbM8aT  Free
Post Planner  7iaKbM8aT        7iaKbM8aT  7iaKbM8aT                    $7/month
Hootsuite  7iaKbM8aT  7iaKbM8aT  7iaKbM8aT      7iaKbM8aT          7iaKbM8aT        7iaKbM8aT  Free
Yext  7iaKbM8aT          7iaKbM8aT    7iaKbM8aT    7iaKbM8aT  7iaKbM8aT  7iaKbM8aT  7iaKbM8aT    7iaKbM8aT  $17/month


There are tons of great tools out there that vary in features, functionality, and success. Although no tool can guarantee automatic success for your business on social media, choosing the best tool for your goals can help you save time and hone in on an effective strategy.

Looking to give a tool a try Likeable Hub VIP is a great place to start, especially because you can sign up for free!

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