The Secret to Growing Your Social Media Following

  People ask me on a daily basis, "How did you grow your following on Facebook?" (26,000 followers) or "How did you get so many Twitter followers?" (55,000) or "How do you have so many people following you on LinkedIn?" (600,000). 
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1 Salesperson’s Experience at Likeable

I never saw myself working as a salesperson. I always saw myself in New York City, but never really expected to actually get here.

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Good Content Isn’t Cheap, So Recycle It Strategically

How to Reclaim “Premium” Content for Inbound Marketing

The concept of Inbound Marketing hinges on providing something so valuable that someone will trade their contact information for it. So enticing that they know they are going to have to hear from you again. Sound easy?

Needless to say we spend a lot of time perfecting the work we do for our clients. In most cases we opt for writing an eBook (typically a downloadable PDF) and/or a companion checklist.

To understand why you would want to reuse your original Premium Content, you need to understand the amount of effort that goes into producing the original piece.

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Why Your Tech Business Needs a Partner Program


Remember when Toy Story first came out in 1995, amid the dazzlingly innovative CGI animation, you might have noticed at the heart of the story was a simple, powerful message. The value of friends.

In business, friends can be very valuable, but these friendships more take the form of mutually beneficial business relationships. At Likeable Local, we’re always looking for new opportunities, which is why we have our Partner Program. Our partners enjoy numerous perks as part of the program and in return, represent our company and product in front of their clients and prospects.

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4 Easy & Effective Ways To Leverage #SmallBizSat

While only one day of the year, Small Business Saturday, presents a huge opportunity for business owners everywhere. The focus on shopping small and honoring local businesses inevitably gets consumers thinking about how they can spend more and buy more from small shops. While as a small business owner it’s awesome to know you’re in the hearts and minds of many consumers, at the same time it’s foolish to think you can just sit back, let the holiday run it’s course, and see increased sales. Plus, on tail of Black Friday and the amidst the holiday season, it can be tempting to put prepping for Small Business Saturday on the back burner.

So, how can you leverage #SmallBizSat without sacrificing too many hours & with so little time? Here are 4 quick and easy ways to capitalize on this Saturday’s holiday.

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