5 Simple Steps to Drive Leads From Social Media

Social media is great for building your brand. It's awesome for building your reputation. It's terrific for customer service, and for responding to positive and negative feedback. It's AMAZING for listening to customers and prospects. 
I say, YES! 
But it's not easy. 
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The High Cost of NOT Marketing

The Death Spiral: Failure is NOT a Strategy


This is a tough piece to write because it probably won’t have a happy ending. What prompted this is  decision that one of our client’s made just days ago.

It’s a Glass & Mirror shop down in San Diego that has been struggling for a while. They made some poor marketing decisions in the past, and I fear they just made another one.

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5 Ways You Can Make More Money Using Social Media (Free Webinar)


Hope this June weather is treating you well! I just got back from my 9 year old's school picnic - it was a blast! Do you enjoy Capture the Flag as much as I do?  

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Should Your Business Switch to An Instagram Business Profile?


I’m not surprised about Instagram’s latest announcement earlier this month. As a company who was bought by Facebook, it was only a matter of time before we’d see Business Profiles. Instagram's been going through some changes lately (not to mention their logo, which I can't decide if I like yet). We saw the algorithm change in their newsfeed that had many freaking out, and now you’re tempted to freak out about this change too. You’re left questioning whether you should make the switch to these new Business Profiles once they're rolled out. What should you do? Is it worth it? 

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