You (And Your Customers) Aren’t Special Snowflakes

It’s time for some tough love. As the newly minted Director of Marketing & Partnerships (March 21st was Day 1!) at Likeable Local, my job is to look after–well–a whole lot of things, actually. One of the many includes getting a handle on segmenting our database and learning who, exactly, make up our customers and prospects. In a recent breakdown of inbound leads, we’re finding that we have everything from jewelers, dentists, accountants, real estate brokers, marketing/consulting folks, interior designers, gym owners, photographers, travel agencies, and the list goes on. Neat, right?

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5 Ways My Fitbit Helps Me Be a Better Entrepreneur

Every great entrepreneur I know has at least two things in common: First, they are obsessed with data. That’s because business owners know that information, applied correctly, is power. The second commonality is a competitive nature: they all like to win. It doesn’t matter what the contest is...entrepreneurs simply thrive on winning, both in business and in life. 

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5 Habits for Every Small Business on Social Media

For small businesses, getting started on social media may be daunting. With dozens of outlets and billions of users throughout the world, social media can seem overwhelming. However, if used effectively, social media has the power to enhance relationships with your current customers and drive new ones. So, whether you’re just getting started, or have been in the social media sphere for years, it is important for small businesses everywhere to remember these simple steps. 

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What Goes Into a Good Hashtag?



That symbol, as you might know, has lived a previous life. It’s been referred to as a pound sign, used by touch-tone phones to mark the end of a numerical entry. Before that, it was used as a marker of importance in early computer programming. And even before that, it was used to mark a number. And it still functions as all these things today, although if you show that sign today to most people, especially the young, very few will say any of those previous things. Instead, they’ll call it this:

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Dr. Anissa Holmes: A Likeable Story

If you’re a regular reader of our blog, you probably know that we spend a lot of time preaching about the benefits of social media for your business. And, dear reader, you probably also know that we have a bit of a bias for social media because of our vested interest in it. So, you may wonder, what can social media REALLY do for your business.


Meet Dr. Anissa Holmes. She is a global leader in dental social media and the owner of Jamaica Cosmetic Dental Services, and an innovator in creating “Wow Experiences” for her customers. She has been voted one of the “Top 25 Women in Dentistry” in 2013 by the U.S.-based “Dental Products Report” and enjoys a Facebook following of over 43,000 fans. She now also helps dentists and small-business owners achieve massive growth through developing their culture, systems, and brand.


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