No matter your experience with social media, we are all looking for the latest and greatest tips and tricks.

One of the biggest challenges small business owners have on social media is developing an audience. Many have spent years, decades, even generations cultivating a loyal customer base, but how can you turn them into your digital brand ambassadors?

First you need to determine where your audience exists on the social networks for your business. Start by dividing up some essential social networks and segment your audience to reach them where they are most likely to engage!


The most volatile of all social networks, Facebook is the perennial powerhouse. Facebook is constantly improving their user experience. And with over 1.3 billion active users, who could blame them?

With organic reach on a constant decline, you have probably noticed that videos are dominating the Newsfeed. That is because they are the easiest form of digestible content. Facebook now has more videos viewed than YouTube.



Don’t just dream. #justdoit

Posted by Nike on Sunday, April 5, 2015

Most businesses have their largest following here, so make your message strong! Experiment with videos. Use the comprehensive advertising features that Facebook has to offer.

We highly recommend experimenting with just a little $$$ behind your posts to create buzz about a certain event, promotion, or inspiring testimonial! The results just may surprise you.


No longer the "up and comer," Instagram has established itself as one of the most attractive social networks for Millenials. The content feed for Instagram encourages engagement.

When you open the app, you see the accounts to which you are subscribed. Sure you can go find photos your friends have liked or scroll the popular page, but your primary objective is to see what your favorite accounts are posting.



Loosen up and have some fun! You can get away with a little wackier stuff on Instagram. Keep your brand integrity in tact, but don't be afraid to push the envelope. Odds are that the people following you are in a younger demographic and will respond if you choose to embrace it.


Twitter has evolved from a place to vent about poor customer service to an actual networking tool. More and more industry thought leaders are using Twitter to broadcast their voice.

Likeable's own, Dave Kerpen uses his personal Twitter account to promote his brand. If you don't believe us, tweet him something interesting. Odds are you might see a RT. 



Twitter also has an amazing advertising platform where you can grow your following, direct people back to your website, and even target your customers directly!

Don't sell yourself short. Cut through the noise. Find some other local businesses and engage in conversations. Promote a cause. You could turn out to be the next big story on the local news!


Groups on LinkedIn are the next big thing. Some companies are creating exclusive rewards programs specifically for their clientele through LinkedIn groups. This not only gives them validation, but a place where they themselves can network.

A professional network on LinkedIn can endorse you for specific skills that you have listed on your personal profile. They can also recommend a business profile to colleagues who might be in need of your products and services.

People check in to LinkedIn to read articles about things they deem important and relevant to their business. Share status updates in a blogging format. You may not be a LinkedIn influencer just yet, but the best way to get your message out is to start. Who's stopping you? 

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